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Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1997 Description: Orchid rose self and a green throat Height 32" (81 cm), bloom 7" (18 cm) Season EM, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid © Paul Harris
Hybridiser: Tamberg Year Registered: 2000 Description: Deep blood red self above yellow throat Height 40" (102 cm), bloom 6" (15cm) Season MLa, Rebloom Dormant Tetraploid © debbie Zammet
Hybridiser: Lytton Year Registered: 2000 Description: Cream lemon with paler midribs above green throat Height 25" (64cm), bloom 5" (12.5cm) Season EM Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid ©Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: Fernyhough Year Registered: 2006 Description: Pale cream apricot with feathered rose red eye above yellow green throat Height 35" (89cm), bloom 4" (10.2cm) Season M Dormant Tetraploid   © Sue Beck
Hybridiser: Sellers Year Registered: 1994 Description: Red self with yellow throat Height 32", bloom 9" Season EM, Rebloom Dormant Tetraploid
Hybridiser: Morss Year Registered: 1995 Description: Purple self with green throat Height 30" (76 cm), bloom 5.5" (14 cm) Season E, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid © Paul Harris
Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1995 Description: Burnt orange with red eyezone and edge above a green throat Height 24", bloom 5.5" Season M, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid ©Mitch Buss
Hybridiser: Crochet Year Registered: 1995 Description: Light orange polychrome with dark orange eyezone Unusual Form Crispate Height 26" (66cm), bloom 7" (18cm) Season EM, Rebloom Dormant Diploid © Lesley Marshall
Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1996 Description: Orange with red eyezone and red edge above a green throat Height 20" (51 cm), bloom 6" (15 cm) Season E, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid © Paul Harris
Hybridiser: Lytton Year Registered: 2011 Description: Pink over cream blend, soft yellow throat with a green heart, pale yellow ruffled edges Height 27" (69cm), bloom 6.5" (16.5cm) Season EM Evergreen Tetraploid ©Eve Lytton