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Hybridiser: Morss Year Registered: 1987 Description: Medium mauve edged buff with purple eyezone and green throat. Height 22" (56cm), bloom 5.5" (14cm) Season E, Rebloom Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid © Lesley Marshall
Hybridiser: Brown-E.C. Year Registered: 1986 Description: Velvety black red with green throat Height 28" (71cm), bloom 5.5" (14cm) Season M, Rebloom Dormant Diploid ©Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: Carr Year Registered: 1997 Description: Golden cream yellow self with a green throat. Height 27" (69 cm), bloom 6" (15 cm) Season E, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid ©Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: King-M. Year Registered: 2001 Description: Lilac amethyst polychrome above yellow chartreuse green throat Unusual Form Crispate Height 24", bloom 4" Season M Dormant Diploid  ©Marc King
Hybridiser: King-Lamone-M. Year Registered: 2012 Description: Details withheld by Registrar until publication in 2013 ©Marc King    
Hybridiser: Wilson-T. Year Registered: 1996 Description: Lavender with dark lavender to purple eyezone and green throat Height 25" (64 cm), bloom 6" (15 cm) Season MLa Dormant Diploid © Paul Harris
Hybridiser: Webster Year Registered: 1983 Description: Rose pink self with chartreuse green throat Height 26" (66 cm), bloom 5.5" (14 cm) Season EM Dormant Tetraploid ©Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: Roberts-Verhaert Year Registered: 2008 Description: Medium violet bitone with darker border above green to yellow throat Height 32", bloom 7" Season M Semi-evergreen Diploid ©Francois Verhaert
Hybridiser: Grant-Downton Year Registered: 2011 Description: Warm golden yellow, reverse of tepals with flush of bronze to mahogany Unusual Form Crispate Height 28" (71cm), bloom 3.5" (8.9cm) Season EM Dormant Diploid ©Robert Grant-Downton  
Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1985 Description: Ivory self with green throat Height 23" (58cm), bloom 5.5" (14cm) Season M Dormant Tetraploid © Lesley Marshall