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Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 2002 Description: Black violet blend above green throat Spider Height 44" (112 cm), bloom 11" (28 cm) Season EM, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid   ©Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: Owen-P. Year Registered: 2010 Description: Flaming coral pink with slight lavender halo and tentacled gold edge Height 34" (86 cm), bloom 6.5" (16.5 cm) Season M, rebloom Dormant Tetraploid   ©Paul Owen
Hybridiser: Heemskerk Year Registered: 2011 Description: White with ruffled golden edge and yellow throat Height 20", bloom 5" Season EM, Rebloom Semi-Evergreen Diploid   ©Gerard Heemskerk
Hybridiser: Owen-P. Year Registered: 2011 Description: Very deep burnt orange with a red eye and edge Height 44" (112 cm), bloom 5.75" (14.5 cm) Season EM, rebloom Dormant Tetraploid  ©Paul Owen
Hybridiser: Tillmann-Budde Year Registered: 2007 Description: Creamy white self above yellow to green throat Height 26" (66 cm); bloom 6.5" (16.5 cm) Season EM Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid  © Gudrun Tillmann-Budde
Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1999 Description: Red self with chartreuse throat Spider Height 32", bloom 12" Season E, Rebloom Semi-evergreen Tetraploid ©John Alsop The photo on the right shows H. 'Web Browser' exhibiting a polymerous bloom. This can be distinguished from the normal bloom by the additional segments: in this case there are four sepals and four petals instead of the usual three of each. This phenomenon, also known as 'polytepal' or 'polytepalous', is sufficiently interesting for some hybridisers to breed specifically for the trait. Many daylilies will occasionally have a polymerous bloom. ©Andy Wyers  
Hybridiser: Webster-Cobb Year Registered: 2003 Description: Pink self above green throat Unusual Form Crispate Height 34" (86cm), bloom 13" (33cm) Season M Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid @Jennie Sivyer  @Pollie's Daylilies
Hybridiser: Gossard Year Registered: 2006 Description: Near white with pink undertone above cream green yellow throat Height 38" (96cm), bloom 9" (23cm) Season M, Rebloom Dormant Diploid   ©Mike Howell
Hybridiser: Stamile Year Registered: 1992 Description: Near white self with green throat Height 21", bloom 6" Season EM, Rebloom Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid © Andy Wyers
Hybridiser: Heemskerk Year Registered: 2005 Description: Dark red violet blend with darker veins and white edge above green throat Height 28", bloom 5" Season M, Rebloom Dormant Diploid   ©Gerard Heemskerk